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ASP Hosting Services in Springfield Missouri

ASP Hosting Services in Springfield Missouri

Why Choose Tritel as Your ASP Delivery Partner?

  What is ASP?
Application Service Provision (ASP) is the delivery and support of an application to the end-user from a central point, commonly a server housed in a data center, via a dedicated network connection or over a secure Virtual Private Network utilizing the Internet. Most of the applications currently available under the ASP model are being offered on a price per user per month basis, although some are priced on usage.

We believe the business case for ASP is indisputable and we expect to see it revolutionize the IT industry.

  How do You become an ASP?
Making the move from being a software author or vendor to an ASP can be a challenge. The need to deliver and support your software, and remain profitable, within the confines of a service level agreement, presents capital investment requirements and cultural changes that can be daunting. Tritel is helping software authors/vendors reduce the risks associated with moving to an ASP delivery model.

  Server Hosting
Becoming an ASP hosting partner with Tritel lets you provide maximum availability of your application in the most effective and cost-efficient way.

Tritel offers automated monitoring of midrange systems, databases and application processes from data centers that feature 24-hour site security, highly resilient electricity, communications and environmental controls as well as state-of-the-art fire and flood protection. Our highly skilled staff provides proactive operational services such as performance monitoring and analysis, capacity planning, restore/backup, data mirroring, fail-over support, database administration and access security as well as management/billing information.

  Network Provision and Internet Connection
Tritel has partnered with technology leaders Sprint and Southwestern Bell in order to provide VPN connectivity between your customers' locations and our data center. Alternatively, if you prefer, we can provide and support a dedicated network. Together with Sprint and Southwestern Bell, Tritel can provide a stable and secure managed environment that enables you to provide your own applications and services to customers without the need to expend large capital sums on infrastructure.

  What are the Benefits to the End User?

  No Capital Expenditure
A fixed monthly fee lets the user enjoy all the benefits of the best information technology without the need to expend large capital sums on infrastructure and software.

  Cost Control
The predictability of fixed pricing gives them greater control over their budgets and improved cash flow.

  Speed of Implementation
The use of industry-specific application templates has reduced implementation time from months down to weeks. Access to simple applications can be set up in a matter of days.

  Support for their Business
Access to applications over a VPN or dedicated network connection means that they don't have to worry about hardware and network infrastructure - eliminating the time consuming job of managing complex and rapidly changing technology. Access to extensive technical and applications expertise precludes the need for customers to recruit, train and manage staff with specialist skills, and letting service providers take care of day-to-day support frees them to concentrate on primary business objectives.

A contractual Service Level Agreement guarantees the highest service standards reflecting the real needs of their business.

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