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Letting us take care of day-to-day support frees you and your staff to concentrate on primary business objectives.

Cost Control
Outsourcing the desktop makes sound financial sense. Reducing the time spent supporting the environment lowers staff overheads. You also speed up the pace at which you can embrace the new technologies that are going to make your business more competitive. What's more, with completely predictable costs, you have greater control over your budgets and improved cash flow.

With Tritel's help, your business can enjoy wide-ranging IT expertise across an unrivaled breadth of hardware and software. We have close working relationships with, and accreditation's from the world's leading suppliers - IBM, Microsoft, Novell, Cisco, Gateway, Hewlett Packard, and more. This ensures that Tritel is always at the forefront of the latest developments.

Improved Business Performance
Standard systems running across common infrastructures, together with preventive maintenance and timely support, mean increased end-user productivity - enhancing the performance of your business.

A pool of skilled staff is available when you need help to smooth out peaks and troughs in demand.


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