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No single solution will meet the needs of every organization, so we have developed a highly flexible desktop model. Pick and choose the exact services you require, or opt for a complete end-to-end service with all the advantages of a one-stop-shop.

Typically, our desktop outsourcing service includes some or all of the following:

Assessment of the Total Cost of Ownership
Research shows that the purchase price of the PC represents as little as 22% of the total cost of ownership. The vast majority of the cost goes on less tangible issues like on-going support and administration, which can be difficult to measure and predict. Tritel's consultants will help you identify the true cost of the desktop to your organization - the first stage in regaining control and reducing costs.

Implementation of Standard Desktop Configuration
Standardization of your desktop environments will reduce complexity, resulting in fewer problems and lower support costs. We work with you to determine what your company policies and standards should be, then ensure these are successfully implemented and managed.

Hardware and Software Support
Users' queries or problems can be logged with Tritel's Support Center by telephone, email or via an Internet connection. Users will then be contacted by our support staff to resolve the problem remotely or, where necessary, arrange for the intervention of on-site support staff.

Remote Management
We can monitor remotely the performance of servers and desktops and prevent problems occurring before they impact your systems. Our support staff can reach out and take control of any workstation allowing problem diagnosis and resolution without visiting the user's desk. Support call duration is dramatically reduced and users are back at work much faster. Automated distribution of software upgrades and fixes means that applications can be rolled out to hundreds of users in hours rather than weeks.

On-site Support
When the need for on-site support staff is unavoidable, Tritel can provide them on a temporary or permanent basis.

Inventory and Asset Management
The distributed nature of the desktop environment makes it difficult to keep track of what hardware and software exists and where it is. We help you gain a full understanding of your asset base so that costs can be properly controlled and to ensure the most effective match between hardware, software and the needs of the end user.

Procurement, Configuration and Installation
Vendor-independent procurement services ensure we will always supply the technology most suited to your business needs, while our bulk purchasing power offers you significant cost savings. We can take delivery, configure and test the systems, then install them ready-to-run in your environment.

Service Level Agreement
Once your service requirements are agreed with you, we present a clearly defined and measurable service level agreement. Regular reports and meetings make it easy for you to monitor performance levels and identify opportunities for service enhancement.

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