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Web Hosting Services in Springfield Missouri

Web Hosting Services in Springfield Missouri

Tritel's web servers are all top notch. Employing the latest Intel processors, plenty of RAM, and multiple hard drives in RAID 5 sets; our machines are all built to meet your company's hosting needs. Add to that redundant power supplies, load balancing hardware and software, and 24x7 performance monitoring, and you can be sure your site will be as reliable tomorrow as it is today. Any server at Tritel gets upgraded before performance becomes an issue, not after.

Speed and Reliability
All web servers, collocated or dedicated, are hosted at Tritel's completely redundant, dual Network Operation Centers (NOCs). Each NOC has redundant switches, servers, and routers. And because each NOC is fully capable of taking over all of Tritel's operations, all single points of failure are eliminated. This redundancy automatically load balances across our Tier-1 Internet connections to give your traffic the best possible performance.

24 Hour Dynamic Monitoring
All web hosts must monitor their systems around the clock to insure uptime reliability. These systems will usually page a technician when any problem occurs. Tritel's monitoring system goes a step further. Not only will a technician be notified but the systems will also attempt to repair themselves automatically. Most instances of downtime can be repaired immediately within 1-2 minutes. Ask other web hosts whether their systems are this intelligent.

Expert Technical Support
When looking for a host for a Cold Fusion, E-commerce, or other high-end web site, it is imperative that your web host knows more about the technology than you do. Tritel not only provides hosting for database web sites, we also do quite a lot of development in the same languages our customers use. Because of our expertise, there is rarely a question we cannot answer or a problem we cannot solve. In addition, we can be there to help you with your own programming through our consulting services.

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